Executive Performance

A key challenge facing many, if not all, pharma and biotech organisations is to nurture a culture that promotes the delivery of innovation with patient focus.

Leadership is one of the most influential factors in shaping organisational culture and so ensuring that leadership behaviours, strategies and qualities are developed is fundamental to ongoing success. 


The central task of most leaders is to ensure direction, alignment and commitment within teams and organisations:                


This ensures agreement and pride among people in relation to what the organisation is trying to achieve, consistent with vision, values and strategy.


This refers to coordination and integration of critical work, increasingly in agile and self-directed team environments.


This is manifested by everyone in the organisation taking personal responsibility to ensure the success of the organisation as a whole, rather than focusing only on their individual or immediate team’s success in isolation.


Given the extreme challenges faced by many healthcare leaders in today’s pandemic focused and virtual or hybrid environment, leaders benefit from individual support to explore their own resilience and leadership impact as well as support for their team to develop effective ways of working, an agile mindset and increase performance.

At Insocius, our qualified coaches have worked in senior executive positions in pharma and at some of the world’s leading healthcare consultancies.

They have an in-depth understanding of the complex dynamics of the sector, and have expertise in supporting leaders with personalised, confidential and comprehensive programmes for themselves and their teams to meet specific leadership challenges, support performance and enhance personal and team effectiveness and satisfaction.


Our executive performance and leadership developement services include the following:

For individual leaders:

  • One on one executive coaching with a senior coach, who are accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and with additional qualifications in resilience and agile mindset.
  • Confidential strategy and challenge sessions to debate strategic options and decisions.
  • First 100-day planning and leadership presence coaching.
  • Personal brand work.

For leadership teams:

  • Leadership profiling – LCP.
  • Organisation listening.
  • Team workshops setting direction, priorities and ways of working.
  • Strategic planning workshops.
  • Team performance workshops including peer-coaching.


Our ‘discover, design, and deliver’ approach to team facilitation allows us to tailor our method-enabled leadership development programmes to help enhance success.

Whilst each workshop is designed to meet the specific needs and goals of the team, we employ tried and tested methodology including:

  • use of appreciative enquiry
  • listening culture (Kline)
  • wisdom of teams (Katzenback, Smith)
  • design thinking approaches
  • OGSM planning framework
  • overcoming 5 dysfunctions of a team (Lencioni)

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