Business Transformation

Most businesses focus on structure, processes and systems when it comes to transformation.

Butterfly - transformationHowever, many underestimate the most important factor of all for success: their people.

Research shows that the vast majority of change efforts fail because the people who make change happen are not properly prepared or aligned.

As pharma and life science business consulting experts, at Insocius, we believe that it is the culture of your organisation that will determine whether the changes you want to make will succeed or be an uphill struggle.

We work with leaders and teams to inspire, motivate and empower their organisations to achieve their change ambitions – and to ultimately unleash the new ways of working they seek.


We enable significant business transformation by:

  1. deeply understanding the future or ambition the business aspires to
  2. mapping the people enablers and barriers that will impact the ability of the organisation to change
  3. building a compelling case that equips leaders to develop the appetite for change
  4. developing and implementing sequenced engagement and communication roll out plans to make change a positive reality

To enable positive change, we blend our experience as life science business consulting experts in executive coaching, organisation development, change management and communications to work with you and your people.

Our experience includes the people-focused change programmes for companies who are: 

  • expanding or downsizing
  • restructuring or reshaping their business
  • merging, acquiring or divesting
  • evolving operational structures
  • introducing new ways of working

As a specialist pharma and life science business consulting company, we also use other powerful strategies to accelerate performance and facilitate change. Discover more about our organisation enablement services below.  

Other Services

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Organisation Strategy Acceleration
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Case Studies

Blue vivid image of globe. Globalization concept
Shepherding a rapidly evolving, cross-stakeholder story within a global public health crisis dialogue
Back view of businessman looking at mechanism of cogwheels
Convening and guiding strategic alliance communications for an urgent pandemic therapeutic program
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Building payer considerations into organisational DNA from discovery to commercialisation


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