Organisation Strategy Acceleration

Defining and executing impactful and relevant strategy is a complex undertaking for pharma and biotech companies today.

F1-org_strategy External and internal factors must be purposefully balanced to successfully embed change, placing companies and functions under pressure to adapt rapidly and with relevance to different regions and parts of the business – and this is no easy task. 

As a specialist consultancy for life sciences and pharma, our team can develop or amend strategies to help business leaders get more from their global, regional, and country teams.

We have a deep understanding of how pharma companies work and know what is required to accelerate an existing strategy or embed change in ways that build team support and enthusiasm whilst ensuring enduring behaviours. 

If you need to accelerate performance and facilitate change, we can help your senior leaders understand the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your strategy, enabling them to contribute to strategic direction and build ownership, driving success deep into your business. 





What is strategy acceleration?

Strategy acceleration is a tool that enables you to create focus and alignment throughout your organisation, helping you to define and commit to clear, impactful goals, resulting in a more proactive and motivated team.  

How can strategy acceleration transform your business?

Strategy acceleration transforms your business by enabling you to get more from your global and regional teams. By building enthusiasm and accelerating performance, strategy acceleration allows you to facilitate change in step with the world around you.  

Why do you need strategy acceleration?

Companies today are under more pressure than ever before. As such, if you are going to keep up, you must be able to adapt rapidly and with relevance - which is why strategy acceleration is essential. 


What we offer

As a leading consultancy for life sciences and biotech, we help organisations to maximise impact at all geographic and functional levels through a range of services, including the following:

  • Leader-led organisation consultation, mobilisation, and engagement planning.
  • Employee enrolment and engagement.
  • Top-management engagement planning.
  • Senior leader workshops.
  • Playbooks and activation toolkits.
  • Internal communications. 


Capabilities and experience

Our work in strategy acceleration is built on a solid foundation and years of experience in behavioural and organisational change. As such, our experience includes the following:

  • Co-creating internal strategy.
  • Ways of working, values, and culture changes.
  • New operating models.
  • Voice of payer and patient embedding.
  • Commercial and launch excellence.
  • Corporate brand embedding.


If you would like to see the impact that our services and support have had in other pharma and biotech companies, take a look at our selection of case studies below.


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