Value Articulation

Rapid developments in healthcare and post-COVID changes present Pharma and Biotech companies with new market and competitive challenges.

Fingerprint-value_articulationIn this “new normal,” companies must reformulate and communicate proprietary asset, brand and corporate messages and value propositions that resonate with diverse and often competing interests of a broad range of stakeholders.

For more than a decade, Insocius has helped leaders and teams embrace strategic communications and articulate the value of their science, technologies, brands, portfolios and corporate strategies to physicians, patients, payers, regulators and investors. 


Through its insight-led approach, Insocius:                   

1.  Analyses scientific, clinical and market information to uncover evolving changes in stakeholder perspectives.

2.  Conducts propriety customer-facing stakeholder and executive interviews to uncover new perspectives in complex, highly competitive, costly disease and drug areas.

3.  Facilitates high-quality cross-functional discussion that builds alignment and buy-in throughout an organisation.

4.   Constructs simple communication frameworks that address different stakeholder interests, in formats that are ready for implementation.


We offer a range of services, which include the following:


  • Customer-facing stakeholder and executive interviews to uncover stakeholder perspectives.
  • Synthesis of market research and complex information to uncover key customer perspectives.
  • Cross-functional and country alignment workshop design and facilitation.
  • Strategic communications development.
  • Corporate narrative development.
  • Disease area narrative development.
  • Early asset value propositions.
  • Scientific message development, objection handlers and Q&A.
  • Issues preparedness.
  • Commercial messaging toolkits for countries.
  • Internal activation plans and agency partner onboarding.


Discover how our value articulation services have made an impact for Pharma and Biotech Organisations looking to establish the value of their science, technologies, brands and portfolios with stakeholders by reading our other services and case studies:


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